• Take the market as the leading, take the technology as the power by and take the high level factory as the base, BPI aims to build and use our own advantage to integrate marketing, sales, technology, variety, suppliers and drug company resources to establish the small molecular targeted drugs development platform. We aspire to provide the best service for our customer. Make professional people to do professional tasks.

    Cooperation partners:
    Pharmacodia:Strategy partner
    Molbase:Alliance partner
    Other cooperation Opportunities:

    Knowledge of product:If you are interested in our products, our business personnel are always online.

    Technical cooperation:If you have a mature production technology, we can provide stable processing base, production groups and marketing team, welcome your joining

    Factory cooperation:After many years accumulation, there are a number of markets and mature products being ready. If you have any surplus production capacity, we can provide the technology of mature product in reverse.

    Recruiting:We are in the golden period of rapid development, welcome elites to join us.